January 09, 2023

Contractors these days tend to build homes that all look alike on the inside. This makes it difficult for some people to feel like their living spaces are personal to them. We’ve compiled five ways to display your personality in your home that work with any decorating style.

Hang Up Silly Photos

When people put up photos of themselves at home, they tend to use only pictures where people are smiling straight at the camera. If you want to add a little personality to your home, put up some of those not-so-ideal pictures. These might include moments where people are laughing or your pets have made a mess.

Decorate With Quotes

Another way to display your personality in your home is to decorate with quotes. Decorating with quotations has become a popular trend in the last several years. This means there are lots of places to shop for that perfect piece of quote art. You can also make art bearing your favorite inspirational or funny phrases. Either way, if you have a quote that really speaks to you, your house can feel unique.

Movie Posters and Memorabilia

If you like books and movies, why not let some of your interests show in your décor? Especially in a family room or home theater, you can display your love of movies and TV shows through posters and other kinds of memorabilia.

I Don’t Want To Live in a Museum

Not everyone likes to incorporate pop culture into their decorating. If that’s you, consider making one room the designated pop culture space where you can let your interests show.

Bathroom Reading Material

The bathroom can be a good place to make your guests laugh since they’ll probably see that room at least once during a visit. You can hang up silly pictures or leave your guests some humorous books to read. It can also be funny to leave a book you don’t like on the back of the toilet with a sign that says, “Emergency Toilet Paper.”

Funny Doormats

Nothing sets the tone for your household quite like a funny personalized doormat from the Personalized Doormat Company. We have doormats for man cave entrances, geeks, introverts, wine lovers, and just about everyone else! Check out our collection to find the perfect humorous doormat for your home.

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