December 02, 2022

You’ve probably noticed that the majority of doormats for sale these days are made from some kind of brown, bristly material. This material is called coir (pronounced “COY-er”), and it comes from the husks of coconuts. Coir doormats may be popular, but many people struggle to keep them from shedding their fibers. Read on to discover how to stop your coir doormat from shedding.

What Is Coir?

As mentioned above, coir is a natural fiber that comes from the husks of coconuts. Traditional Austronesian cultures have used coir to make rope and roofing for their homes for thousands of years. Coir makes particularly good rope for maritime purposes because it doesn’t sink. It also has a wide range of agricultural applications—did you know it can keep snails away from young plants?

To make coir doormats, machines weave the husk fibers together, sometimes using needle-felting techniques. Then, a different machine prints the design. The result is a densely packed mat of tough fibers.

Why Does Coir Shed?

Coir is a natural fiber, which means it breaks down over time. When you don’t care for your coir doormat properly, the fibers will break off and fall out of the weave. The more fibers fall out, the weaker the mat’s structure becomes. It’s a vicious cycle that leads to more and more fibers falling out of the mat over time.

Why Is Coir So Popular?

There are both practical and aesthetic reasons for coir’s popularity. In practical terms, coir is extremely durable despite being a natural material; you can wipe your shoes on it, and it won’t fall apart.

However, the main reason people have started buying more coir doormats is likely for appearances. Natural ingredients and materials are extremely popular right now, whether in food, clothing, or household goods. Many people just prefer the look and texture of a natural fiber doormat over synthetic materials.

How Can You Prevent Your Coir Mat From Shedding?

Coir may be durable, but it still breaks down over time and when you don’t care for it properly. Since coir comes from tropical climates, it makes sense that the material performs best in similar conditions. Follow these basic tips to stop your coir doormat from shedding:

Keep Coir Out of Sunlight

Coir may come from tropical areas of the world, but that doesn’t mean coir doormats love the sun. Too much direct sunlight can actually fade the design on your doormat, and it can dry out the coir fibers and make them more brittle. Coir works best in entryways that have some kind of overhang to minimize sun exposure.

Protect Coir From Moisture

Moisture is another enemy of coir. If your coir doormat is exposed to torrential rain or heavy snow, it can start to rot. When that happens, the fibers break down and you’ll notice a lot of shedding around your front entrance.

If you know your area is going to experience heavy precipitation, it’s a good idea to bring your coir doormat inside or take it to the garage until the storm passes. For those who can’t get to their doormats in time, make sure you let your mat dry out completely before the next storm hits.

Sweep Away Nearby Debris

Whenever you mow your lawn, it’s a good idea to sweep up afterward and clear away any grass caught in your coir doormat. The same goes for the fall when dead leaves start to pile up. When debris is left under the edges of your coir doormat, it traps moisture and prevents your mat from drying out properly. The debris can also encourage pests to make a home in your doormat.

Vacuum Regularly

When you first bring home a coir doormat, make sure you vacuum it on a regular basis. New coir doormats shed for a few days after you begin using them, so don’t be alarmed when you see shedding happen. Just vacuum your mat and make sure the shedding doesn’t seem to be getting worse.

Buy High-Grade Coir

You may not know it, but there are different grades of coir used to make doormats. When you buy cheap doormats from the grocery store or big box chains, chances are you’re getting a low-grade coir that will fall apart easily. On the other hand, our monogram coir doormats at The Personalized Doormat Company are luxury-grade and built to last much longer.

Layer Your Doormats

Another popular trend that has caught on recently is doormat layering. To layer your coir doormat, simply find a larger doormat in a contrasting pattern and put your coir mat on top of it. The bottom mat will help absorb any moisture on the ground and protect your coir doormat. The bottom mat also acts as a barrier that keeps debris away and discourages pests.

Are Coir Doormats Worth It?

Don’t let the fear of shedding discourage you from getting a coir doormat. When you routinely take the time to give your doormat a little care and attention, you’ll find that there isn’t much work to do.

There are other advantages to owning a coir doormat. Since the fibers are natural, your doormat won’t cause any environmental problems when you do have to get rid of it. Coir breaks down just like grass, cotton, and other natural fibers.

Coir doormats are also very attractive, and you can find ones with beautiful calligraphy that will make every guest feel welcome when they arrive at your home. These mats work very well with popular decorating styles, like modern farmhouse and even the cottage core aesthetic.

How Do You Find the Perfect Coir Doormat?

When looking for a new coir doormat, make sure you check the tag to see if it mentions the grade that was used to make the mat. If you see mats that have very low fiber density, it’s probably better to walk away without buying anything.

One place you can always find high-grade coir doormats is The Personalized Doormat Company. We carry a wide range of coir doormats, including ones with decorative rubber borders. You can even customize your mat with your family’s last name or monogram. Call or email us today if you have any questions about our custom doormats.

How To Stop Your Coir Doormat From Shedding

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