July 07, 2022

There are many benefits to buying your own commercial doormats instead of renting them. Commercial mats are an essential part of keeping the floors of your facility clean and protected. It can be quite a challenge determining whether it’s worth it to buy the doormats or simply rent them. We’ve compiled the four main reasons why you should buy your company doormats instead of renting them.

Full Customization Control

Most rental companies do not offer customization options that allow you to brand your doormats. This includes choosing specific colorways, designs, and of course any text or logo options. If you want complete control over branding, it’s best to invest in buying corporate logo mats. You’ll have full satisfaction, and your business will have a more cohesive and professional appearance.

No Ongoing Payments

When renting corporate mats, you’ll have to make continuous payments over time. This may make the investment more costly than it’s worth. There’s more value in paying for your custom mat once so that you won’t have to worry about paying off the product on top of additional miscellaneous business expenses. If you need multiple mats, this may also be an additional unwanted cost. Rental prices may vary depending on the size of the mats, which may be inconvenient if you need additional coverage for your space.

Your Investment Lasts Longer

Rental options for doormats are likely not super-high quality, versatile, and don’t offer the different materials needed for your specific business needs. When buying a doormat, you can look explicitly for the components that the mat needs such as the texture, color, or material. Depending on the mat’s quality, it may likely even last longer than a rental doormat would.

More Functionality

Most rental companies don’t offer size customizable options. This means that you’ll have to overcompensate by buying multiple mats to cover the same area. This may cause customers to trip, which is a safety hazard. When buying your own mat, you can be particular about sizing and get the exact measurements you need to have a functional and well-performing mat.

Before renting your doormats, be sure to consider these reasons why you should buy your company doormats instead.

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