March 15, 2023

If you’re looking for ways to keep your workplace cleaner, you should consider laying down one or more floor mats. These mats can help you keep floors clean by controlling dirt, mud, and water that people track in with their shoes. Learn the difference between scraper mats and wiper mats so that you can pick the best type for your needs.

Wiper Mats

Wiper mats are the kind you can use to help soak up water from rain, melted snow, or spills. A wiper mat typically has a rubber backing and a carpet fiber surface to help absorb as much water as possible. Heavy-duty wiper mats like Waterhog can hold a gallon or more of water for each square yard. On rainy days, they can help you:

  • Prevent workplace accidents
  • Eliminate mopping during business hours
  • Keep employees busy with more important tasks
  • Speed up cleaning during closing procedures

Scraper Mats

On the other hand, scraper mats eliminate debris, such as dust and mud. Most scraper mats are tough rubber. This material composition lets them hold up to repeated shoe scraping. They also have lots of plastic bumps, prongs, and other elements that really get inside shoe treads to ensure a good scrape.

Combo Mats

Some mats combine the differences between scraper mats and wiper mats to get the best of both worlds. These mats have a coarse fiber surface that can scrape debris off shoes and still retain moisture. While these mats can do both jobs, we do still recommend a specialized wiper or scraper mat in certain situations. For example, if you work on a farm with lots of mud, you’ll probably want a dedicated scraper mat.

You can find corporate logo mats in both scraper and wiper versions at the Personalized Doormat Company. You’ll be able to add your company logo or even a full-color advertisement to whatever mat you choose. And if you’re looking for a mat that’ll do multiple jobs, we also have combination and anti-fatigue mats for the workplace. Contact us today for more information.

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