January 20, 2023

You’ve probably never contemplated the correct position of a doormat. However, if you look at online organization sites, there’s a hot debate going on. Keep reading to learn if doormats should go inside or outside of the door.

The Argument for Outside Doormats

You’re probably pretty familiar with seeing doormats outside people’s homes. The idea is that you wipe your shoes before entering to avoid tracking in dirt. However, outside doormats tend to degrade much faster than indoor ones because they face rain, snow, and other outdoor elements.

Helping Outside Doormats Look Nice

The indoor doormat fans have a point—outside doormats can collect debris and lose their visual appeal with time. However, if you take good care of your mats, they can still last a long time. Sweep away debris regularly and take your mats in when it’s pouring rain.

The Counterpoint: Inside Doormats

If you’re going shopping, you may notice that most businesses put their doormats inside the entrance instead of outside. Indoor doormats are beneficial if you experience lots of rain or snow in your area. After all, people won’t wipe their feet while standing in inclement weather, so it makes sense to move the mat indoors.

Where Should Your Doormat Go?

Should doormats go inside or outside the door? People place doormats outside their residential entryways to do more than give visitors a chance to wipe their feet. Doormats can give homeowners a way to give the exteriors of their homes more character.

Meanwhile, businesses might focus more on utilizing mats to prevent water and mud from creating a hazard for guests. It’s best to keep large commercial mats indoors to soak up water, keep the floors clean, and even further your branding.

The Secret Third Option: Two Doormats

Many people seem to forget that there’s no reason not to have it both ways: you can have an inside and an outside doormat! This option can be especially effective for keeping your floors clean, as guests can wipe their feet twice.

Whether you’re interested in inside doormats, outside doormats, or both, The Personalized Doormat Company has you covered. We can even design custom doormats with your business logo or family monogram. Contact us today to learn more!

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