September 06, 2022

Doormats are one of the little things in life that are easy to take for granted. However, when you enter a building that doesn’t have a doormat, you notice almost immediately when you go to wipe your feet. Discover the top five functional benefits of doormats and take a moment to appreciate everything they do for us.

Keep Floors and Shoes Clean

If you asked a hundred people why doormats exist, this is probably the reason they would cite. Doormats are special rugs made with tougher fibers that brush dirt off your shoes as you walk across. In both businesses and homes, doormats help prevent outside dirt from coming indoors.

Prevent Slipping

After dirt, the second most important thing doormats help you control is water. Especially on rainy or snowy days, doormats help remove water from people’s shoes and keep it from spreading all over the floor. If you don’t have a doormat, you had better prepare for a lot of dangerous slipping.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Doormats are one of the little niceties in life that we don’t need in order to survive, but they sure make everyday living much better. By putting out a doormat, you’re showing guests that you care about them and you’d like them to be comfortable.

Advertise Your Business

One of the top functional benefits of doormats is that they help advertise your business. Since people have to watch their feet when they enter and leave a doorway, you get two free opportunities to remind guests of your brand and make sure they remember you.

Help the Visually Impaired

People who are fully or partially blind often use tactile markers to assist with navigation. The difference in sound and texture between a tile floor and a doormat can be very helpful in showing where the door is to your building.

Choosing a Doormat for Your Business

For the many reasons above, every business needs a doormat near the entrance. If you use a custom business doormat, you have two opportunities to advertise your brand to everyone who enters your building. Check out The Personalized Doormat Company’s wide selection of styles, textures, and customization options to find the perfect doormat for your business.

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