September 09, 2022

Whether you’re opening a new office or looking to give your current space a face-lift, it’s important not to forget a custom logo mat. Logo mats act as free advertising for your business—plus, they help create a welcoming atmosphere. Follow these tips and tricks for designing your custom logo mats to make sure you end up with a design you love.

Choose the Right Type of Logo Floor Mat

Before you worry about choosing your colors and branding placement, you need to decide what type of floor mat you want. Each kind of mat meets certain needs and may come with design limitations. While there are enough styles for just about any need you can imagine, you never want issues to catch you off guard late into the design process.

Here’s a list of some of the most common types of branded floor mats and how they perform at different functions.


These kinds of mats have extra cushioning to make standing more comfortable. They’re a great choice in hair salons, barber shops, near reception areas, and anywhere else people are likely to spend time standing in one place.

Logos on anti-fatigue mats don’t stretch the full length and width of the mat, but they do come in full-color photographic quality. Since these mats are a little thicker than the average doormat, they often come with beveled edges to prevent accidental tripping. When you’re ready to clean your anti-fatigue mat, all you need to do is sweep across the surface or wash it off with a hose.

Classic Coir

Coir is a natural fiber that comes from the shell of the coconut, making it an excellent choice for natural and down-to-earth exteriors. Most custom coir mats come with black lettering, which is perfect when you have an eye-catching logo or characteristic font in your branding scheme.

While coir mats are resistant to moisture and mildew, it’s still wise to keep them in places where they won’t experience direct precipitation. This can cause the natural fibers to break down, even in high-quality mats.

Promotional Mat

Promotional mats are excellent for drawing a customer’s attention to special products or deals you have available. Some promotional mats have photographic quality and an unlimited color range to perfectly capture the item you’re promoting.

One of the nice things about promotional mats is that they can go just about anywhere. Place them in store aisles, in front of your booth at trade shows, and near point-of-sale displays to drive more business.

Rubber Backed Carpet

This type of doormat is probably the most typical style that you’ve seen in hundreds of businesses and offices. Carpet mats allow for a wide range of color printing options, and your design can be nearly as big as the mat itself.

When you’re ready to clean your carpet mat, you can vacuum it like any other carpet. For deep cleans, it’s best to use a steam treatment.

Waterhog Mats

Another popular style of carpeted floor mat is the Waterhog mat, which has a recognizable waffle surface pattern. This fiber pattern makes it very easy to clean shoes while people walk across. The mats can also hold over a gallon of water per square yard, making them excellent at trapping water from snow and rain.

One thing that makes Waterhog mats so popular is that, in addition to their more practical function, you can choose a design with many different colors. These mats offer extreme versatility and are perfect for many outdoor and indoor spaces.

Keep It Proportional

One trick for designing your custom logo mat is to choose something appropriate for the space so that it doesn’t end up looking odd. You want people to remember the brand on the mat, not whether it looked like it belonged in the room.

Always measure the room or entryway and keep in mind surrounding features like overhangs and furniture. A small mat right in front of a single door may look fine, but the same mat in front of a large double door may look tiny. Think about the number of people likely to enter the space and whether everyone can use the mat.

Logo Optimization

Once you assess the purpose of your mat and the space it will go in, you can move on to selecting your mat’s logo design. If your company has a branding guide, always check to see what rules you need to follow before ordering.

If your company has several different options that fit the size specifications of the mat you want, always choose an option with high contrast. It’s also a good idea to avoid light-colored backgrounds since they show dirt more easily.

It’s also wise to match your branding to the mat’s orientation. If you have a wide mat in front of a double door, you can get away with putting your company’s name on one line with the logo. However, if you choose a portrait-style entry mat, you may need to separate your company’s name into several lines with the logo at the top or bottom.

Sending Files

Always check with your floor mat provider for their resolution guidelines. If they don’t specify anything, always go with as high a resolution as you can because their team can always lower the resolution to fit the mat later. Unfortunately, they often can’t help if you only have a small resolution logo, and your results may appear blurry.

Ordering a Custom Doormat

If you’re in the market for a custom logo floor mat for your business, check out The Personalized Doormat Company. We offer many different styles of customizable door mats, including all the options listed above. Our mats are easy to clean, and we offer discounts for bulk orders.

Not sure which mat is best for your business? Don’t worry! Just tell us what design you want to use and where you want your mat to go. Our experts will send you proofs based on what kind of mat we think will work best for your business. It’s that easy!

Tips and Tricks for Designing Your Custom Logo Mats

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