October 04, 2022

Every home has a unique personality that reflects the people who live there. As you decorate, landscape, and live in your space, it begins to embody your personal style and preferences. Check out these tips for choosing doormats that match your home’s aesthetic.

Things To Consider

Even homes in the same neighborhood can have subtle differences. Knowing what makes your home’s exterior special can really help you decide which kind of doormat to get. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

Door Size

Some doormat styles look better in front of smaller doors, while others really shine in front of large, double-door entrances. When you’re shopping for a doormat, always measure the size of your door, in addition to the actual entrance space.

Sometimes, it looks good to have a mat that’s slightly wider than your actual doors. However, you never want a mat that is too small.

Front Porch Design

Another tip for choosing doormats that match your home’s aesthetic is to consider whether you have much of a front porch and, if so, whether it has any cover. This is an essential step because some doormat styles are a little more sensitive to intense sunlight and precipitation. These mats will last much longer in front of doors that have nice coverage from the elements.

It’s also a good idea to check whether your porch is on the same level as your yard. When you mow the lawn and edge your grass, cuttings may wind up all over your front porch, getting trapped in and around the doormat. This could impact whether you choose a sleek or rough doormat for your porch.

Local Weather

You’ll also want to be mindful of the weather conditions where you live. Some natural fiber doormats don’t tolerate lots of rain or intense sunlight very well. If you live somewhere that experiences heavy precipitation or long hours of direct sunlight, you may want to choose a sturdier doormat style.

Home Exterior

The outside of your home plays a significant role in the style of doormat you choose. We’ll review architectural styles in just a moment, but for now, take a look at your home and note the following:

  • What are your home’s paint colors?
  • Are those colors cool or warm?
  • What kinds of metal finishes are there?
  • What color is the stonework or brickwork?
  • Do you have mostly geometric or organic shapes?

The cool or warm overtones on your home’s exterior can help you choose a doormat that offers a nice contrast. For example, a cool-toned exterior may benefit from the warmth of a natural-fiber coir doormat.

Metal finishes can create a certain ambience that you want to match with your doormat. You can also find ways to create intentional patterns in your exterior décor. For instance, many front porch doormat styles include rubber borders and decorative patterns that look very much like black wrought iron. By choosing a mat with similar decorations, you’ll tie everything together nicely.

Since doormats come in many different shapes and styles, it’s a good idea to note which kinds of shapes are already incorporated into your home’s exterior. In general, you should try to match shapes. If your home is very square, a half-circle or oval mat may look a little odd. Instead, mats in those shapes tend to look better in front of homes that have plenty of curves.

Home Architectural Styles

There are dozens of popular home architectural styles in the United States. Some are regional, while others show off the design aesthetics of different time periods. Consider this list of some of the most popular styles to help you choose the best doormat for your home.

Victorian and Tudor

While Victorian and Tudor are different home styles, they do have similarities that merit grouping them together. Both styles tend to be very angular, and they have a vintage eclectic aesthetic. These types of homes tend to look best with elegant doormats, such as monogrammed mats and ones with decorative borders.

Colonial and Neoclassical

These architectural styles are characterized by tall Grecian columns and a triangular pediment over the door. Many homes in this style have quite a bit of white as an exterior color, giving them a clean and bright ambience. We recommend light-colored luxury doormats with a monogram for these home styles.

Modern Farmhouse

Modern farmhouse is currently the most popular style of home across the country. It combines ranch-style architecture with modern windows and exterior fixtures. These homes also tend to have cool-toned exteriors. As long as you have decent coverage over your porch, a personalized coir doormat will be a great choice.


Mediterranean styles of architecture include several substyles, including Spanish and Tuscan. These homes usually have terra cotta roof tiles, warm exteriors, and a lot of stonework. It’s also fairly common to see arches and more curves in the design. A refined estate-style doormat will look lovely in front of these kinds of homes.

Apartments and Condos

You might not always have total control over the exterior of your home; this is particularly the case if you live in an apartment or condo. When space is at a premium, it can be nice to have a personalized doormat, or even a photo mat, to add some personality to your space. You can even choose a doormat with your favorite sports team’s logo on it.

Finding the Perfect Doormat

If you’re searching for a home entrance doormat, take a look at our collection; The Personalized Doormat Company has dozens of styles, ranging from natural fiber coir to Waterhog. Each style allows you to spruce up the exterior of your home and prevent people from tracking dirt inside.

Once you’ve found the perfect doormat, remember to take good care of it. Shake off your mat on a regular basis, and be sure to let it dry out completely between instances of bad weather. Also, never let grass clippings, dead leaves, and other debris pile up around your mat. With proper care, your perfect home doormat will last for quite some time.

Tips for Choosing Doormats That Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

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